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“Plan Ahead and Prepare” – The Golden Rule for Life in the Backcountry

There’s no “sugar coating” it - Type 1 diabetes (T1D) adds an additional layer of complexity to outdoor adventures. When you’re multiple days into an expedition, completely out of cell service, and dozens of miles away from the nearest road – you’ve got to be fully prepared for nothing short of a bear eating your insulin pump while your stock pile of low supplies simultaneously rushes down a class IV rapid – OK, probably a little dramatic, but being properly prepared in the backcountry can mean the difference between an epic, life-changing adventure and a disastrous search and rescue mission waiting to happen. 

 Fortunately, the world of diabetes tech has come a LONG way in creating tools that make time spent in the backcountry significantly easier and safer for folks living with diabetes. Arguably the most important tool from that toolkit is the continuous glucose monitor or CGM. Michael and I both wear the Dexcom G6 CGM System.

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